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    Basil is the main ingredient of "Pesto alla genovese". Being one of the most representative and typical cultivations in the Liguria region, it is the symbol of a Mediterranean cuisine and of an agriculture that is close to the sea. Production has started in Genoa and has quickly extended to the whole region. The quality of basil depends mainly on the ground in which it is cultivated and the Ligurian Riviera appears to be the ideal one, thanks to the climatic conditions of the area: sun and sea breeze play a fundamental role. During the years basil cultivation techniques have been developed and consequently this has led to a constant improvement of basil quality and to the preservation of its natural excellent properties. No chemical pesticides are used. The choice of ingredients is very important: Extra Virgin Olive Oil must be delicate and of excellent quality in order not to cover basil’s taste and scent. Pine nuts have to come from Italy and to be of first choice. Garlic must be easily digestive and cheese (pecorino and/or parmesan) must be very seasoned in order not to prevent the preservation of the product.  Pesto is then packaged in sterilized jars with some more Extra Virgin Olive Oil to naturally reserve it with no addiction of preservatives.