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    Olives from Taggia

    The production area of olives from Taggia extends from Albenga (SV) to Monaco, until the surroundings at about 700 meters high. A town where olive cultivation is not prevailing does not exist, though in some areas, thanks to microclimate, quality is superior to the average that is already high. Elements that make the olive from Taggia unique in the world are mainly: ground, water and climate. The perfect combination of these three elements gives rise to a product that has been always imitated but never matched.
    The olive from Taggia is very fleshy, dark and wrinkled, tasty and delicate, it is a rare and precious variety: from an hectare of olives, in fact, it is possible to obtain about twenty lb. of this kind of olives compared to sixty/hundred lb. of other qualities.
    Once olive harvesting was made by hand. Today there are mechanical machines that let olives come down at the basis of the tree in order to be collected and consequently treated.